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On The Effect Of Random Snapshot Timing Jitter On The Covariance Matrix For Jade Estimation

Authors (alphabetically): Bazzi, Ahmad; Meilhac, Lisa; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Nice, France, 2015

Wiener Filtering In The Windowed Dft Domain

Authors (alphabetically): Bensaid, Siouar; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

Enabling The Implementation Of Spatial Interweave Lte Cognitive Radio

Authors (alphabetically): Deneire, Luc; Ghauri, Irfan; Kouassi, Boris; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

User Selection In The Mimo Bc

Authors (alphabetically): Lejosne, Yohan; Slock, D.T.M.; Yuan-Wu, Yi;

EUSIPCO, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

A Performance Of Bayesian Semi-Blind Fir Channel Estimation Algorithms In Simo Systems

Authors (alphabetically): Bazzi, Oussama; Omar, Samir; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Unbiased Maximum Sinr Prefiltering For Reduced-State Equalization

Authors (alphabetically): Dang, Uyen Ly; Gerstacker, Wolfgang; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Interference Alignment Limits For K-User Frequency-Flat Mimo Interference Channels

Authors (alphabetically): Ghauri, Irfan; Negro, Francesco; Shenoy, Shakti; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Glasgow, Scotland, 2009

Approximate Full Diversity Linear Equalizers For Doubly Selective Channels

Authors (alphabetically): Ghauri, Irfan; Shenoy, Shakti; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Glasgow, Scotland, 2009

Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff Of Simplified Receivers For Frequency-Selective Mimo Channels

Authors (alphabetically): Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

A Novel Voiced Speech Enhancement Approach Based On Modulated Periodic Signal Extraction

Authors (alphabetically): Slock, D.T.M.; Triki, Mahdi;

EUSIPCO, Florence, Italy, 2006

Generalized Pilot Assisted Channel Estimation For Wcdma

Authors (alphabetically): Bastug, Ahmet; Montalbano, Giuseppe; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Antalya, Turkey, 2005

Bayesian Adaptive Filtering: Principles And Practical Approaches

Authors (alphabetically): Sadiki, Tayeb; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Viena, Austria, 2004

Backward Adaptive Transform Coding Of Vectorial Signals: A Comparison Between Unitary And Causal Approaches

Authors (alphabetically): Mary, David; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Sinr Maximizing Equalizer Receiver For Ds-Cdma

Authors (alphabetically): Lenardi, Massimiliano; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Tampere, Finland, 2000

Blind Multichannel Estimation Exploiting The Finite Symbol Alphabet

Authors (alphabetically): Ayadi, Jaouhar; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Rhodes, Greece, 1998

A Fast Prewhitened Affine Projection Algorithm

Authors (alphabetically): Maouche, Karim; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Rhodes, Greece, 1998

Blind And Semi-Blind Maximum Likelihood Techniques For Multiuser Multichannel Identification

Authors (alphabetically): Carvalho, Elisabeth de; Deneire, Luc; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Rhodes, Greece, 1998

Identifiability Conditions For Blind And Semi-Blind Multichannel Estimation

Authors (alphabetically): Carvalho, Elisabeth de; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Rhodes, Greece, 1998

Unbiased Mmse Decision-Feedback Equalization For Packet Transmission

Authors (alphabetically): De Carvalho, E.; Slock, D.T.M.;

EUSIPCO, Trieste, Italy, 1996