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Extended Glrt Detectors For Correlation And Sphericity: The Undersampled Regime

Authors (alphabetically): Mestre, Xavier;

EUSIPCO, Nice, France, 2015

Correlation Test For High Dimensional Data With Application To Signal Detection In Sensor Networks

Authors (alphabetically): Hachem, Walid; Mestre, Xavier; Vallet, Pascal;

EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

On The Resolution Probability Of Conditional And Unconditional Maximum Likelihood Doa Estimation

Authors (alphabetically): Loubaton, Philippe; Mestre, Xavier; Vallet, Pascal;

EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

Characterization Of The Distortion Of Ofdm/Oqam Modulations Under Frequency Selective Channels

Authors (alphabetically): Mestre, Xavier; Pascual Iserte, Antonio; Sánchez-Fernández, Matilde;

EUSIPCO, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

A Clt For The G-Music Doa Estimator

Authors (alphabetically): Loubaton, Philippe; Mestre, Xavier; Vallet, Pascal;

EUSIPCO, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

Diversity Order For The Amplify-And-Forward Multiple-Relay Channel With Randomized Distributed Space-Time Coding

Authors (alphabetically): Gregoratti, David; Mestre, Xavier;

EUSIPCO, Glasgow, Scotland, 2009

Generalized Consistent Robust Capon Beamforming For Arbitrarily Large Arrays

Authors (alphabetically): Mestre, Xavier; Rubio, Francisco;

EUSIPCO, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

Designing Good Estimators For Low Sample Sizes: Random Matrix Theory In Array Processing Applications

Authors (alphabetically): Mestre, Xavier;

EUSIPCO, Viena, Austria, 2004

Capacity Of Mimo Channels: Asymptotic Results For Correlated Fading

Authors (alphabetically): Fonollosa Javier, R.; Mestre, Xavier; Pagès, Alba;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002