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A Closed Form Solution For The Blind Separation Of Two Sources From Two

Authors (alphabetically): Abed-Meraim, Karim; Belouchrani, Adel; Bourennane, E.;

EUSIPCO, Florence, Italy, 2006

Boosting : From Data To Hardware Using Automatic Implementation Tool

Authors (alphabetically): Bourennane, E.; Dubois, Julien; Matas, J.; Miteran, Johel;

EUSIPCO, Viena, Austria, 2004

Real Time Image Rotation Using B-Spline Interpolation On Fpga''S Board

Authors (alphabetically): Berthaud, C.; Bourennane, E.; Milan, C.; Paindavoine, M.;

EUSIPCO, Rhodes, Greece, 1998