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Robust Watermarking Of Digital Images Based On Chaotic Mapping And Dct

Authors (alphabetically): Chrysochos, Lefteris; Fotopoulos, Vassilis; Skodras, A.N.;

EUSIPCO, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

Efficient Computation Of The Discrete Pascal Transform

Authors (alphabetically): Skodras, A.N.;

EUSIPCO, Florence, Italy, 2006

The Colour In The Upcoming Mpeg-7 Standard

Authors (alphabetically): Christopoulos, Charilaos; Skodras, A.N.;

EUSIPCO, Tampere, Finland, 2000

Down-Sampling Of Compressed Images In The Dct Domain

Authors (alphabetically): Christopoulos, C.A.; Skodras, A.N.;

EUSIPCO, Rhodes, Greece, 1998

A New Contour Simplification Filter For Region-Based Coding

Authors (alphabetically): Christopoulos, C.A.; Christopoulos, V.A.; Cornelis, J.; Skodras, A.N.;

EUSIPCO, Trieste, Italy, 1996