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Audascity: Audio Denoising By Adaptive Social Cosparsity

Authors (alphabetically): Bertin, Nancy; Gaultier, Clément; Gribonval, Rémi; Kitić, Srđan;

EUSIPCO, Kos island, Greece, 2017

Power Spectral Density Limitations Of The Wavelet-Ofdm System

Authors (alphabetically): Burr, Alister; Chafii, Marwa; Gribonval, Rémi; Palicot, J.;

EUSIPCO, Budapest, Hungary, 2016

Faµst: Speeding Up Linear Transforms For Tractable Inverse Problems

Authors (alphabetically): Gramfort, Alexandre; Gribonval, Rémi; Le Magoarou, Luc;

EUSIPCO, Nice, France, 2015

Symmetrical Eeg-Fmri Imaging By Sparse Regularization

Authors (alphabetically): Barillot, Christian; Gribonval, Rémi; Maurel, Pierre; Oberlin, Thomas;

EUSIPCO, Nice, France, 2015

Linear Embeddings Of Low-Dimensional Subsets Of A Hilbert Space To R^M

Authors (alphabetically): Davies, Mike; Gribonval, Rémi; Puy, Gilles;

EUSIPCO, Nice, France, 2015

A Dynamic Screening Principle For The Lasso

Authors (alphabetically): Bonnefoy, Antoine; Emiya, Valentin; Gribonval, Rémi; Ralaivola, Liva;

EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

Separable Cosparse Analysis Operator Learning

Authors (alphabetically): Gribonval, Rémi; Kleinsteuber, Martin; Seibert, Matthias; Wörmann, Julian;

EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

Fast, Variation-Based Methods For The Analysis Of Extended Brain Sources

Authors (alphabetically): Albera, Laurent; Becker, Hanna; Comon, Pierre; Gribonval, Rémi; Merlet, Isabelle;

EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

Closed-Form Approximations Of The Papr Distribution For Multi-Carrier Modulation Systems

Authors (alphabetically): Chafii, Marwa; Gribonval, Rémi; Palicot, J.;

EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

Blind Sensor Calibration In Sparse Recovery Using Convex Optimization

Authors (alphabetically): Bilen, Cagdas; Daudet, Laurent; Gribonval, Rémi; Puy, Gilles;

SampTA, Bremen, Germany, 2013

Blind Phase Calibration In Sparse Recovery

Authors (alphabetically): Bilen, Cagdas; Daudet, Laurent; Gribonval, Rémi; Puy, Gilles;

EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

Compressed Sensing And Best Approximation From Unions Of Subspaces: Beyond Dictionaries

Authors (alphabetically): Davies, Mike; Gribonval, Rémi; Peleg, Tomer;

EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

Iterative Cosparse Projection Algorithms For The Recovery Of Cosparse Vectors

Authors (alphabetically): Davies, Mike; Giryes, Raja; Gribonval, Rémi; Nam, Sangnam;

EUSIPCO, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Analysis Operator Learning For Overcomplete Cosparse Representations

Authors (alphabetically): Davies, Mike; Gribonval, Rémi; Nam, Sangnam; Yaghoobi, Mehrdad;

EUSIPCO, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Under-Determined Source Separation Via Mixed-Norm Regularized Minimization

Authors (alphabetically): Gribonval, Rémi; Kowalski, Matthieu; Vincent, Emmanuel;

EUSIPCO, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

Shift-Invariant Dictionary Learning For Sparse Representations: Extending K-Svd

Authors (alphabetically): Bimbot, Frédéric; Gribonval, Rémi; Lesage, Sylvain; Mailhé, Boris; Vandergheynst, Pierre;

EUSIPCO, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

Dictionary Identifiability From Few Training Samples

Authors (alphabetically): Gribonval, Rémi; Schnass, Karin;

EUSIPCO, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008