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Real-Time Empirical Mode Decomposition For Eeg Signal Enhancement

Authors (alphabetically): Fischer, Martin; Heute, U.; Santillan-Guzman, Alina; Schmidt, Gerhard;

EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

Voice Conversion: Adaptation Of Relative Local Speech Rate By Mpeg-4 Hvxc

Authors (alphabetically): Heute, U.; Leutelt, Lutz;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

A Novel Simple Adaptive Spectral Analysis Zoom For Narrow-Band Signals

Authors (alphabetically): Heute, U.; Hossen, Abdulnasir;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Ssb-Carrier Mismatch Detection From Speech Characteristics: Extension Beyond The Range Of Uniqueness

Authors (alphabetically): Guelzow, Thomas; Heute, U.; Kolb, Hans-Joachim;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Joint Source-Channel Decoding With Iterative Algorithms

Authors (alphabetically): Goertz, Norbert; Heute, U.;

EUSIPCO, Tampere, Finland, 2000

A Wide-Band Speech-Model Process As A Test Signal

Authors (alphabetically): Heute, U.; Serafat, M.R.;

EUSIPCO, Trieste, Italy, 1996