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Distributed Clustering Algorithms In Group-Based Ad Hoc Networks

Authors (alphabetically): Ciblat, P.; Le Martret, C.; Massin, Raphael;

EUSIPCO, Nice, France, 2015

Fully Distributed Signal Detection: Application To Cognitive Radio

Authors (alphabetically): Ciblat, P.; Iutzeler, Franck;

EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

Balanced Allocation Strategy In Multi-User Ofdm With Channel State Information At The Transmitter

Authors (alphabetically): Ciblat, P.; Cipriano, Antonio; Gault, Sophie; Hachem, Walid;

EUSIPCO, Florence, Italy, 2006

Blind Source Separation Of Noisy Mixtures Using A Semi-Parametric Approach With Application To Heavy-Tailed Signals

Authors (alphabetically): Abed-Meraim, Karim; Ciblat, P.; Kuhn, Estelle; Lavielle, Marc; Sahmoudi, Mohamed;

EUSIPCO, Antalya, Turkey, 2005

Harmonic Retrieval In Non-Circular Complex-Valued Multiplicative Noise : Barankin Bound

Authors (alphabetically): Ciblat, P.; Forster, P.; Larzabal, Pascal;

EUSIPCO, Viena, Austria, 2004

On The Maximum-Likelihood Based Data-Aided Frequency Offset And Channels Estimates

Authors (alphabetically): Ciblat, P.; Vandendorpe, Luc;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Estimation Of The Symbol Period: The Frequency Offset Case

Authors (alphabetically): Chevreuil, Antoine; Ciblat, P.; Houcke, Sebastien;

EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Asymptotic Analysis Of Blind Cyclic Correlation Based Symbol Rate Estimation

Authors (alphabetically): Ciblat, P.; Giannakis, Georgios B.; Loubaton, Philippe; Serpedin, Erchin;

EUSIPCO, Tampere, Finland, 2000